XAAR 1201/2.5PL Printhead

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XAAR 1201/2.5PL PrintheadCompatible Printer: PRIMO X3500 UVManufacturer: XAARBest-in-class print qualityThe Xaar 1201 delivers a high print ..

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XAAR 1201/2.5PL Printhead
Compatible Printer: PRIMO X3500 UV
Manufacturer: XAAR

Best-in-class print quality
The Xaar 1201 delivers a high print quality superior to other printheads in its class.
• 8 grey levels at 600npi give an apparent resolution better than 1440dpi
• Two printheads can be mounted inline to create an economical 4 colour printer delivering 600npi native resolution per colour 
• Alternatively with just four printheads, OEMs can design printers with 1200 npi by 1200 npi native resolution
• The small drop size of 2.5 pL delivers the best combination of throughput and print quality for a range of applications. Variable drop size allows small drops for ultra-close viewing and large drops for long distance viewing.

Highly versatile

The Xaar 1201 incorporates a number of features which make it an extremely versatile printhead for banners and Point of Sale (POS) applications.
• Capable of printing 1, 2 or 4 colours per printhead
• Can be configured to print 4 colours at 300npi or 2 colours at 600npi depending on the price-point and end user profile that OEMs wish to target 
• Two pairs of interleaved rows means that OEMs have a choice of native resolution – the default resolution when running 4 colours is 300npi. Running 2 colours per printhead takes advantage of the nozzle row pair pre-alignment to achieve 600npi per colour
• The Xaar 1201 jets solvent-based or aqueous inks. This means that it can be used to print a range of substrates including photo paper, vinyl, canvas and textiles.


Physical AttributesXaar 1201
Active Nozzles1280
Print Swathe Width27mm
Colours1, 2 or 4
Nozzles Pitch (Interleaved)42.3μm
Drop Velocity7m/s
Nozzle Density (NPI)600npi
Printhead Weight (Dry)95g
Ink TypeAqueous, Eco-sovlent, UV
Drop Volume2.5pL
Number of Grey Levels4 or 8
Maximum firing frequency50kHz
Dimensions (W x D x H)52.7 x 45 x 76.2mm
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